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[IP] Interesting Pump malfunction

A week or so ago I posted that we had put batteries in backwards and that
there was no ill effects.  WELL, there were.  After a week or so of Emily
going low and needed several juice boxes during the night to just stay
even.  I noticed that the basal "now" screen said one rate and the
programmed rate for "now" was quite different.  It seems that the basal
rate was out of sequence with the real time.  So, she was getting her
evening rate in the early AM and crashing with regularity.  You know,
dropping 200 pts lower than she should.  We were turning down her basal
like mad, but to no avail, other than not having enough insulin in the
other times of the day.

Of course, I discovered this as she was leaving for a sleep-over.  So we
called MNMD and they sent another pump overnight and Sunday delivery.  To
get through the sleep over we put her on temp basal of a fixed average
amount, patted her on the butt, and sent her out the door.  She turned down
her basal at 11 pm and went to sleep at 2:30am.  Her numbers were pretty
good.  Oh, she pulled out her site and had to put in a new one herself.
That was the first one without moral support from family.  She also forgot
to bolus for the pizza and checked later.  She pulled up a shot to cover
the 400 from that brain fart.  All in all, she was as independent as any 9
yr old should be.

As it was, we could have just changed the time on the pump and had normal
basal rates but did not understand the nature of the error when she left.
I was reasonably sure that the temp basal was safe.  She tests so often
that we would catch any other weirdness.  Going back to shots for the short
term was a much less desirable option.

Curtis Lomax
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