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[IP] our take on the Htron stuff

Hello all! I've been out of town for a while but am now back and trying
to get caught up....

A few weeks ago (before the announcement about the Htron problems),
Shane noticed his Htron Plus no longer fit correctly in the clip case.
We discovered the reason was a crack near the #3 battery compartment.
However we don't think this happened from overtightening, we think it
happened from dropping on a tile floor (ouch!). Anyway, at that point it
had already been through a couple of showers, but we never experienced
any problems with it such as the overdelivery problem. We sent it in and
D immediately sent us out a replacement pump for free. The only
difference that we can tell is that this new pump has an "R" in the
serial number which we are thinking might stand for something like
"rebuilt" or "remanufactured", so it is probably not really a *new*
pump. But they said it will have the same warranty on it as what was
left on the original pump so I guess that it good enough.
We are also a bit upset about the news that this pump is really no
longer considered "waterproof", as that was one of reasons for choosing
it. I guess we will just wait and see what happens. So far we have had
great customer service from D, so hopefully they will find some way to
address this problem...
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