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[IP] Re: ip-digest V4 #969-Neuropathy

I was told by my neurologist a couple of months ago that the symptom I was 
describing was myoclonus a moderate to severe involuntary jerking of the 
muscles. Looking it up on the internet gives that it is a symptom of nerve 
disorder conditions. With neuropathy not being listed could it be due to 
that? Is it a post condition symptom or a pre condition symptom. My 
neurologist is out of the office for a couple of weeks. My experience with 
stand-in docs is they are not very informative. I am another doctors 
patient and they don't want to get their butts in a sling. I'm starting to 
get off my topic, does anyone have experience with this? He has prescribed 
clonapin  which he says is the best medication for this. Only problem is I 
am sensitive to it. He tried it earlier for my hand tremor and I had to 
quarter a 5mg tablet which still put me to sleep. Any way, does anyone have 
any experience with myoclonus? Any information will be appreciated.

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