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[IP] no pain, no insulin in

Jane Said....SNIP>>>>> I'm pretty sure lipohypertrophy makes insertion less
painful.  It also 
interferes with absorption.  I've learned that if my insertions don't hurt 
there's a good chance my blood sugars aren't going to be so good from a
site.  <<<<<<SNIP

My experience is identical.  If it doesn't hurt going in, it won't absorb.
My stomach was a mess of lumpy bumpy fatty or whatever they are...spots.  I
finally, about 6 months ago, went to upper thighs.   Now, just the other
day, I went back to my stomach which had gotten much smoother and seems to
have recovered its absorption ability.   My legs did not get as lumpy as my
stomach, but denitely got to the no absorption state.   I will keep rotating
around abdomen area, till I can't then move to arms and legs.  

Just part of the years of pumping practices...

Bonnie Richardson
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