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[IP] Renal Threshhold

J Hughey wrote:
> That's the first I ever heard the renal threshold was 180. I did know that
> everyone's RT was an individual thing. I knew of a man with a BG of 1000 and
> no sugar spilled in his urine. Another man didn't show spillage until 286.
> Those pee tests just weren't accurate. 

Jan's right. It can be both higher OR lower than 180. Some people
(non-diabetics!!) have such a low threshhold that they're spilling sugar
almost all the time. It's called Renal Glycosuria, and is NOT associated
with any kind of complication. That's because kidney disease is caused
by high BLOOD sugar, not high URINE sugar. 

I discovered, through testing with Testape before it went off the
market, that my threshhold is about 250 - 300. What I liked about having
Testape is that I could tell after the fact that I'd had a very high BG,
even if it had come down by the time I tested my blood. 

I thought it was just another piece of information to add to the jigsaw
puzzle, and am sorry they're no longer marketing it! 
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