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Re: [IP] Carb info, required at restruants?

>Hi all,
>  Are big chains like that not required to
>have this listing for the customers?? I think they
>should!  Let me know what you all know!

I can only speak with my expereinces in Canada but I don't think there are
any laws in NA requiring restaraunts to disclose anything about their
foods.  Each chain i've encountered has done this out of good marketing
(although dairy Queen's ice Cream cake carb listing is off by 200%).

I usually eat at small places and don't expect any dietary info.  However
one suggestion i have is to check for the carbs in a geneeric dish of
whatever you are ordering and do a good guess and then just correct for the
high or low two hours later.

As for foods sold in grcoery stores; I boycot brands which don't list carbs
on the package!  I do think that at least pre-packaged foods for sale in
grocery stores should have dietary info by law.

It gets my goat each time I emcounter a "No scents" sign on the door of a
building but yet that buildings' diner does not have carb listings!

Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
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