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[IP] MM Paradigm

Sylvia, lighten up a bit.  It's not that important.  At the present 
time MM makes a pump that is a marvel of engineering.  It is very 
reliable and very accurate.  I bang it, squeeze it, and drop it, but 
to quote an old ad, "it takes a licking and keeps on ticking."  I've 
had mine 3 years and never even had to change the oil.
   99% of users love it (and similar things can be said about the 
other pumps too).   So MM is  making a new pump.  They've learned 
something over the years with their research and talking with their 
own user groups.   The result will only be a better pump for that 
happy 99%, and we look forward to it (when it is finally released). 
Some few don't like certain features of existing pumps and they 
choose a competitor.  If you don't like the new MM Paradigm, you can 
try D or Animas, but if the design changes that MM adds are really 
beneficial, the other pump manufacturers will likely follow suit as 
Relax a bit.
  Enjoy life.  It's all we got.

<<<<<<<Well, Now I just read back to back the message from George in 
Annapolis about
what this new pump will and will not do and now Suzy is saying that the rep
told her at a support meeting the total OPPOSITE!!  So what is anyone suppose
to believe about this unit??  I mean if the company can't ensure that their
reps are all reading the same page then we, the consumer, or POTENTIAL
consumer, won't hae the faintest idea what this company is rally up to.  I
guess until this thing is out in the public nobody will know for sure what it
will and will not do because not even the MM employees really know what is
going on!!
Sorry folks but this is really frustrating getting totally different stories
from people who really should know what's what!!...
mom to Joshua>>>>>>>>>>>>
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