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[IP] RE; Carbo listing in Resturant

Clear DayDear Heather,
I read about your experience and that makes me mad for you.  You went to =
Red Lobster to have a nice dinner and it ended up being spoiled by the =
manager.  And Red Lobster is not one cheap resturant.
If I were you, I would look into finding the main 800 number for Red =
Lobster and complain about the treatment you received by the manager and =
give them the resturant location.  You are the customer and deserve to =
be treated correctly.
Possibly something can be done for you, or even they will reimburse you =
for your meal.  Which I know will not make up for the treatment you =
received but this way management at the corporate headquarters will know =
about it.
dx'd 3.12.85   =20
pumping 4.20.99

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