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[IP] Re: Diets through the decades

>>>It was not safe to have all the urine tests be negative, because there was
no way to know if a negative test meant that BG was just below the renal
threshold (180 mg/dL), or just above hypoglycemia, or into hypoglycemia. >>>

That's the first I ever heard the renal threshold was 180. I did know that
everyone's RT was an individual thing. I knew of a man with a BG of 1000 and
no sugar spilled in his urine. Another man didn't show spillage until 286.
Those pee tests just weren't accurate. I was shocked that Bayer sent me a
brand-new Clinitest set (to test urine sugar) that expires 2004 as a gift for
the BASH. Couldn't believe they even still make them.

Also, the exchange system I think is explained *almost* the easiest in
comparison with Richard Simmons' Deal-A-Meal. That has cards printed with food
groups for one day. When a food is eaten, that card is slipped into the pocket
on the other side of a holder. On his plan, you run out of cards for the day,
you run out of food that day. On the Exchange plan, we had the same amount of
exchanges (i.e. *cards* - not carbs) each meal every day. The worst thing was,
activity isn't the same every day.

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