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[IP] Re: Cannula tolerance -- the fat hypothesis

Barbara A. Bradley (MS, RN, CDE) wrote:
>... Your hypothesis may be correct for you, however, it might not be for 
>all pumpers.

If it's correct for me, but no other pumper relates a similar story, then 
I'll need to look for an alternative hypothesis. It's certainly true that 
in things diabetic, there's no "one size fits all", but there's certainly 
"one size fits many".

>... What has your medical team said about it? I think it is great that you 
>are having greater tolerance to the cannulas, and guess I should have said so.

My endocrinologist pled respectful YMMV ignorance and suggested I find out 
if others see a similar trend. Hence my post.

>I have also seen hypertrophy when some people have switched to Humalog, 
>who were previously injecting regular insulin.

Indeed, my hypertrophy intensified when I switched from purified-pork to 
Humalog. However, I appreciated the abrupt Humalog response curve and 
wouldn't have traded for more pride-at-the-beach by switching back to 
another insulin.

>I am not sure I am answering your question about the tolerance issue, 
>perhaps someone else would have a contribution.

I'm still checking the posts. So far, my hypothesis hasn't hit home with 
anyone else. This suggests that once people set up a cannula change period, 
they don't alter it. If they do alter it, they may tend to reduce the 
period, rather than extend it (that is, change more frequently, not less). 
If they extend it, (and change less frequently) they may tend to credit 
"lotions, cremes and notions". If they do extend it due to a physiological 
factor, then we get straight to one of the questions in my initial post: 
Why DO they think they can better tolerate cannulas over time?

Can you see me shrug my shoulders? ;-)

regards, Andy
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