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[IP] Carb info, required at restruants?

Hi all, 
  I went out to eat this weekend at a Red Lobstor
resturant and I asked the waitress if they had
nutrional information avaliable, she told me she would
ask the mgr.  Well a few min later the mgr came by to
ask if everything was ok, so because the waitress had
not answered me yet! The mgr then told me he did not
have any infomation, and then asked me VERY RUDELY,
why I needed to know, I told him I needed to know
because I was on insulin and I needed to know in order
to take the right dose. I was eating Crab Alfrado ( I
know ALOT OF CARBS! but that is what I wanted since I
was out  on the town! THat is the joy of the pump!!)
Again the rude mgr, said with at SNARL "Well that
would have ALOT, with the Pata and white sauce!" I
said well thanks but I already knew that much, I just
needed to know the exact amount! He then just turned
around and left, NO APOLOGY or anything! My whole
family were very upset because of his rude attidude. 
I did look in my carb couting book, before I went but
Red Lobstor was not in there!!! OK now that I have
vented!!!  Are big chains like that not required to
have this listing for the customers?? I think they
should!  Let me know what you all know!

- Just remember ....
	"It is not how far you walk, but it is how deep the 
	foot prints you left behind!"

				( ; WINK			Always Yours,

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