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Re: [IP] Getting A Pump FINALLY!!!


  That is going to be a tough one to explain to her because of her age.  All 
you can do is muddle through it the best way you can.  But you are right, she 
will be able to have a lot more freedom once the REAL thing is running.

  I was wondering if you have read the book PUMPING INSULIN by John Walsh 
yet?  This is THE BOOK on pumping and the newest 3rd edition that is out 
includes a section on kids and teens pumping.  It is wonderful that this is 
now being recognized and I feel it says a lot about where this therapy is 
going and for whom!!

  My son was dxd @ 5.5 and went on the pump at 8.  He is now 9+ (also a Dec 
baby) and he was SOOO excited about going on the pump.  Of course he was old 
enough to understand.  He was only on saline for a few days then went LIVE 
after that.  So much has changed around here, all for the better.  You will 
find that it will also give YOU some of YOUR freedom back too!

  Anyway, get the book and read, if you haven't already and feel free to 
write to me personally if you have any more questions.  I also belong to 
another online group especially for families of DM kids.  If you are 
interested in that group write to me and I will send you an invitation.

Good Luck and Happy Pumping!

mom to Joshua
Poulsbo, WA
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