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[IP] MM Quick-set vs. Sof-set

I'm a long-time type 1 DM who first started pumping in December 2000 with a
MM 508. I have been using MM Sof-set Ultimate QR (9mm cannula, 42" tube)
infusion sets since then. I have recently use a sample of MM's Quick-set
infusion set. Here are my comparative comments

Ease of insertion - Both are easy to insert. I inserted the Quick-set
manually while I normally use the Sof-serter for the Sof-set. I suspect that
the Quick-set (with its inserter) will ultimately be slightly easier than
the Sof-set because the tape is part of the set and no additional taping is

Adhesion - Both good. I had no problem with either set. They both held for 2
days through 2 showers and 1 hot tub with no problems. At the final site
change the Quick-set was slightly more difficult to peal off (a little bit
more hair pulling than the Sof-set). I have no rash or irritation with
either set.

Ease of disconnect/re-connect - Both sets were easy to disconnect and
reconnect. I was initially nervous that I would dislodge the Quick-set with
the force of the twisting motion needed to disconnect. But I had no problem
with this. The Quick-set site needs to be covered with the provided cap when
disconnected. The Sof-set does not. This was a little inconvenient in that
at this time I have only one cover cap and therefore had to keep careful
track of where it was. This probably would not be an issue with regular
usage. I've only used these set on my abdomen where they are easy to reach.
At other locations (arms or buttocks) the Quick-set may be a bit more
difficult than the Sof-set to deal with.

Appearance - The Quick-set with it's white tape is more visible than the
Sof-set with the usual clear tape. At the infusion site the  Quick-set is a
little larger and higher profile than the Sof-set. However, it does not have
the "dangling tail" and is generally a bit more "professional" appearing.

Site location - Generally the taped down size of the two set is about the
same so in most cases there is probably not  much difference in terms of
which sites can be used with which set. For me however there appears to be a
major advantage for the Quick-set. I use infusion sites across my upper
abdomen (above the belt line). In the case of the Sof-set I have to stay at
least 4" above the beltline to avoid the connector getting caught under my
belt. With the Quick-set the absence of the connector means there is a whole
additional row of sites (near the beltline) that I can use.

Packaging - The Quick-set package is 20-30% smaller in XY dimensions than
the Sof-set. Additionally it appears that the package is  designed so that
multiple sets can be stacked up more compactly. It will be interesting to se
if the box that the Quick-set comes in is smaller than that for the Sof-set

Conclusion - Overall it is very close to a draw. Perhaps a slight advantage
for the Quick-set (due to the additional sites possible above the belt
line). No advantage large enough that I will exchange my current stock of
Soft-sets or that I will pay much extra for the Quick-set. Next time I order
I will probably try a couple boxes of the Quick-set (if Mini-Med will
provide the Serter device) for a longer evaluation.
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