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[IP] you guys are so nice...

I tend to always think I'm wrong with how I think and such or I always double guess myself.  I don't feel that way this time and a big part of that is all the positive responses I got with regards to my gym story and the nasty lady.  Thanks.
The reason I was at the hospital for the scan is that I have had a sore on the bottom of my right great toe for 2 years and it doesn't heal.  Last summer I had a PICC line in for 8 weeks for antibiotics for osteomyelitis.  Then I got a big blood clot and that was that.  After the antibiotic therapy the toe looked better but not healed.  I have this new Dr. who is obviously disgusted by the care I got in regards to this.  He is still checking for a bone infection.  I have neuropathy pretty bad....no feeling in my feet to right above the ankle.  This may be good, as the sore looks like it could hurt.  My blood flow is fine in my legs, feet and toes.  Hopefully I will have the results of scan by Tuesday.  I am certainly tired of always having blood stained socks and mopping the floors when I accidently track blood.  Has anybody had osteo? or a nonhealing thing?  I'm worried now because the site infection on my thigh is better, but as of tomorrow it will be 2 weeks on keflex and a!
lthough it is now only the size of a half dollar it still has some pus in it. I don't know if something like that could go into my hip bone or if I'm more likely to get another osteo since I've already had one.  My oh my,  I'll be 35 on the 30th, but with everything I just wrote about I sound like I'm much older.
Thanks for everything.
dxd 87
pump 7/00

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