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[IP] Need more Information

I am on the MiniMed 508 pump since January 2001. I got only one session
in learning how to use the pump and started  on pump  that day. I have
been so nervous about it. The pump has helped greatly   lowered my A1c,
but I have trouble knowing how to count carbs. I have a book on carbs. I
was use to exchange diets. It is hard  knowing  how much to  bolus.  How
many times a day do most people bolus?  I was told  12  in morning,  12
at noon,  12  before evening meal.  If my BS is over 150 then I bolus
15, but  I sometimes have to give myself a shot of 10 units of humalog
at bedtime  as my BS is over 200.
I am wondering if others do it this way too. I  get so tired  if BS goes
over 150 now.  I was set up with a steady basal of 2.8  each hour.   I
am insulin resistant and the pump was the only way I got my BS to level
out and  I now get more normal readings.
I have had diabetes 2  for 30 years .
Thanks for any information.  Shirley
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