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Re: [IP] MM Paradigm/ and other info from MM

In a message dated 3/18/01 10:06:43 AM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I mean if the company can't ensure that their 
> reps are all reading the same page then we, the consumer, or POTENTIAL 
> consumer, won't hae the faintest idea what this company is rally up to.  I 
> guess until this thing is out in the public nobody will know for sure what 
> it 
> will and will not do because not even the MM employees really know what is 
> going on!!

When I was deciding on which pump last summer I called MM directly to find 
out any info there might be on the "511".   They switched me to people all 
over the building and every single person said that there was no information 
about a "511" to there was no new pump at all being worked on at that time.  
I just wanted to know if there might be a MM in the future that was 
waterproof, if they'd just said yes or even maybe it might have affected my 
I'm very glad now though, that they didn't.
They are strange about giving out information, or at least that was my 
experience with MM.  YMMV.
Two months after my initial request for MM packets they called me and asked 
if i wanted more info, I already had my h-tron at that point.  

Faith and ??
type 1 diagnosed 9-81
started pumping 8-21-2000
assimilated by the d-tron 03-07-01
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