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[IP] Getting A Pump FINALLY!!!

Hi all - I usually just lurk here, but do appreciate all of the info I obtain 
from all of you who are more knowledgeable than I.  Anyway...when I first 
subscribed to this list my daughter was only 2 1/2 and we were in a desperate 
attempt to convince our endo that pumping would be the best thing for her.  
Well, at long last they have agreed and we go tomorrow for our first class 
and to put her on the pump for the first time.  She has been wearing a broken 
pump for several months now to kind of get used to having it with her.  She 
turned 3 in December and I have talked to her quite often about the pump and 
what it will mean for her...I'm not sure that it is something that a 3 year 
old can understand but she seems open to it.  Anyway...sorry for my 
ramblings, but the reason I am writing is to ask for any advice that any of 
you veterans can offer as to how I can make this first visit go smoothly.  I 
believe that this is the best thing for her diabetic care and that it will 
ultimately allow her to be more like a toddler instead of a diabetic who is a 
toddler. (Meaning she hopefully can be a kid again, eat what and when she 
wants instead of when the insulin says she must -- I truly hate that!!!) I'm 
just concerned that the first week she is going to become frustrated b/c we 
will be pumping saline for a week before we pump insulin and I'm afraid she's 
going to be frustrated by now having to deal with all her usual shots AND the 
set insertions.  Again...any advice would be appreciated.  Our appointment is 
tomorrow afternoon.  I'm not sure if I am more excited or nervous!  :)  
In advance, Thanks!
Tammy, Mommy to the bravest little girl I know, Shannon, dx'd @ 13 months and 
to her favorite person in the world her little sister Kaitlyn, 7 months
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