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Re: [IP] hospitals and rude people

On 17 Mar 2001, at 13:55, Geneece Pulley wrote:

> Yesterday I had to spend the whole day at the hospital for a
> ceretec scan (type of bone scan).  It took 4 people and 15 sticks

And people wonder why I'm needlephobic!

> at the gym.  I was getting ready to check my sugar in the locker
> room (as I always do) when this lady says to me "Can't you do that
> somewhere else like in the toilet stall?". 

"No, it's considerably less sanitary in there.  It's bad enough out 
here with people like you wandering around coughing on everything 
and never washing your hands.  Do you think I want to pick up 
*your* STDs from the toilet stall??"   

(heh heh heh.  Doesn't matter if none of that's true.  The smartass 
tone is what I'm aiming for)
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