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Re: [IP] Re: cannula tolerance

In a message dated 3/18/2001 12:24:20 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< What's interesting, moreover, is that although lipohypertrophy is listed 
 interfering with absorption, it is *not* listed as beneficial for cannula 
 tolerance. How come? Is my hypothesis concerning such a beneficial effect 
 incorrect?  >>

I'm pretty sure lipohypertrophy makes insertion less painful.  It also 
interferes with absorption.  I've learned that if my insertions don't hurt 
there's a good chance my blood sugars aren't going to be so good from a given 
site.  Here's what I do:  I use only my stomach.  I move around as much as I 
can.  I have my sites checked by my CDE twice a year.  And sometimes, when 
I'm very tired and can't stand the thought of sticking that needle in my 
belly I admit I use a site that will probably be less than optimal.

As I see it, diabetes itself is less than optimal.
good luck,
Jane Holzka
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