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Re: [IP] Veins suggestion (was hospitals and rude people)

   When my son was first diagnosed and was in ICU they had a terrible time
getting the iv in him nurses, lab people, and doctors couldn't do it. My
wife had the same problem twice in hospitals the solution is easy, request
that an EMT put it in. In all three of our cases they got it first shot. Of
course in my son's case they kept moving it because his veins were bad,
NOT, the EMT also figured out there was a bad valve causing the pump to not
work it wasn't his veins!. It took almost an hour and about 15 moves of the
IV before they sorted this out and he finally got insulin into him. He was
between 725 and 750, in and out of consciousness and twice when his heart
was stopping and the alarms were going off we had to go find a nurse to
help because there weren't any around in (ICU!!!), aahhhh!!!! Bottom line
is many of the EMT's are experienced in getting iv's in in the worst of
situations, small veins etc. due to blood loss in accidents and such. With
our son after several failures we insisted that they get an EMT for him.
God Bless!!
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