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Re: [IP] Warning for Disetronic HTron users

>>I didn't know the dDissetronic gave a time to send in for check up/repairs
either.  How does the Disetronic give warning as to when it needs to be sent
in?  Thanks Carol T.<<

Looking at the Error Codes in my H-Tron Plus Reference Manual... The pump
will error 88 eight weeks before the Technical Inspection is due... 86 six
weeks before the Technical Inspection is due... 84 four weeks before the
Inspection is due... and 82 two weeks before the Inspection is due.  After
30  months of use the pump will error 09 and will stop at that point.
According to my book, when the 8x errors begin, you're supposed to contact
Disetronic about sending it in.  I would hope a person wouldn't wait till
the last minute to do this.  Btw... I switch my pumps on a regular basis to
give them each time to work.  I would hate to have to switch pumps due to an
error or pump fail and find that the other one does not work either.

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