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[IP] Re: cannula tolerance

Barbara Bradley wrote:
>What you are describing sounds a good deal like lipohypertrophy. Over used 
>sites can cause this, and eventually the absorption will not be as good as 
>it should be.  Your endo or diabetes educator should look at the sites.  I 
>have seen pouches on a few people who have used their favorite sites too long.

I'm aware of lipohypertrophy. Please remember that I'd been injecting for 
almost 3 decades. I'd developed fatty deposits at every injection site -- 
arms, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. These deposits were not particularly 
pretty to look at, but they never interfered with insulin absorption. Since 
I rigorously followed site rotation techniques, there was nothing I could 
do about them, either. Now that I''m no longer using my arms, buttocks, or 
thighs for injections, all the lumps in these locations have completely 

The new fat deposits on my abdomen are more substantial and less lumpy.

>eventually the absorption will not be as good as it should be

Well, that depends on what "eventually" means. If someone offered me, say, 
several years of effortless infusion set use in return for a later risk of 
absorption problems, I'd take that risk every time. After all, if the 
alternative meant that I'd use infusion sites that never developed such 
protective layers, I'd leave myself open to the risk of discomfort from 
site infections, since that's what I initially experienced using the same 
technique. IAC, at this point, absorption is not a problem. In fact, 
insulin administration has never ever been easier.

What's interesting, moreover, is that although lipohypertrophy is listed as 
interfering with absorption, it is *not* listed as beneficial for cannula 
tolerance. How come? Is my hypothesis concerning such a beneficial effect 
incorrect? Alternatively, are we perhaps referring to two different things?

regards, Andy
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