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[IP] Veins suggestion (was hospitals and rude people)

I have always had trouble with IVs and such for medical tests and surgeries,
and even with blood draws for A1cs.  I got diabetes when I was 12 (I'm now
48), so I don't know if the problem existed pre-diabetes or if I just have
hard-to-hit veins.  A couple of things that have helped over the years:

1)  One of may arms has 'better' veins than the other one.  I usually find
that if I tell the person this before the elastic band goes on, they are
more than willing to use the 'good' arm, and appreciate the heads-up that
they need to use their own personal tips and hints to get blood from (or IVs
started in) people with difficult veins.  Different people have different
techniques for this, but it's easier on both of you if the drawer knows at
the get-go that they need to use their particular techniques instead of
trying 'normal' then THEN doing whatever they do to deal with difficult

2)  Almost anything they need to do in your arm, they can do much more
easily in the back of your hands.  The downside to this is that it seems
that no amount of pressure will keep really horrible-looking bruises from
forming (we're talking big here -- they usually cover the whole back of my
hand).  They don't hurt, though, and sometimes it's worth putting up with
the bruise to get the job done.  You have to offer people this and assure
them that you don't mind the bruise -- I think using the back of the hand is
perceived by the blood-drawing community as something up with which patients
will not put because of the bruising.  I'd rather put up with the bruising
from a quick stick and get the blood out than put up with the multiple
probes and stabs it sometimes takes to get blood from this particular

I suppose it's a good thing that IV drug abuse never appealed to me -- I'd
never find a vein! :)

YMMV, of course, but these work for me.

Kathy Trondsen
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