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[IP] Please Help Me - from Jenn

I know the majority of the people on IP are in the US, but there are a few
of us here in Canada.  We DO NOT have to have prescriptions for Pumps or
Supplies. When I ordered my pump last year from Minimed, we called the rep,
ordered it, then called our endo's office to set up a pump start date. He
is very pro pump, and tells everyone about it. We had talked to him about 6
months before we decided, and went to a pump seminar, then had both reps to
our house and decided on the Minimed 508. 

I order my supplies from a company in Ottawa, and then submit the receipt
to my insurance company. They pay 80%. I had to fight for 8 months to get
them to pay, but they did!

Linda, from Ontario, mom to Adam, pumping 1 year! 
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