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[IP] minimed 511

I am confused about the 511 and hoping to get info b/c I might want to do an
upgrade from the 507C. But maybe not!

Site (www.minimed.com/paradigm) says that pump "More-closely mimics normal
pancreatic rate of 10-14 minutes2".  But I had read on this site that the
basal rate would be one time per hour.  Can anyone help here?

I don't like the sound of LESS frequent basals.  Are they saying one time
per hour is closer to once per 10-14 minutes than every three minutes?  Even
if a regular pancreas is 10-14 minutes, I still think every three minutes
might be better. Thanks for any help/insight on this. Any other thoughts on
pump also welcome ~ I read all the ones in the archive but any new info

Also, my pump rep doesn't know when it'll be out, but it sounded like much
later than this summer. Any recent info helpful.  Thanks!
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