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[IP] mixing insulins

background: I am a relatively new diabetic, diagnosed in 1999 with type 1 at 
the age of 31. I have positive antibodies and still some pancreatic reserve.
I take very good care of myself, eat well and exercise vigorously. My blood 
sugars are in tight control, and that's the way I feel best. Even if my 
sugars raise above 120 I don't feel as well as if they're 80.
I've been on the pump since November of 2000 and love the control and 
flexibility it affords me. I wouldn't give it!
problem: I have been feeling fatigued after bolusing (as I did with MDI) and 
as a result eat very few carbs to avoid long naps and irritability.  <When I 
feel tired after a bolus I always check my bg and usually I am not 
hypoglycemic>  Most of the endocrinologist whom I have consulted with 
regarding this problem continue to encourage me to increase my carb and 
insulin intake gradually, but eventually I revert to my old habits of 
between 5-20 grams per meal and bolus accordingly (about 1 unit per 30 
grams) and feel better. It has recently been suggested that I try mixing 
insulins in my pump. Has anyone had any success with this and as a result 
felt less fatigue after larger boluses?

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