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[IP] MM Chat - Questions

It has been announced that Mark Estes, Market Manager and Ray Hoese,
Director of Marketing Communications of MiniMed will be chatting with us
(Wednesday 3/21/2001 9P.M. EST (2A.M. GNT) in the GUEST ROOM) about the
MiniMed Paradigm Pump Upgrade Program.

I think we should put together a list of preliminary questions and pass them
on to Mark and Ray before the chat. That way if we don't get answers we will
know it is because MiniMed has decided not to answer a particular question.

Based upon what has been said over the past several days here is the start
of such a list. Please add to it.
- We have heard about a 511 and about the Paradigm. Are these the same? How
many new pumps is MiniMed about to introduce?

- After introduction of the Paradigm will MiniMed continue to offer the 5xx

- Does the Paradigm use a proprietary reservoir? tubing set? infusion site?
Will current (luer-lok based) tubing sets and infusions site work with the

- Will the reservoirs be user fillable? Will prefilled reservoirs be

- Can you give us a description of the motor technology used in the
Paradigm? Stepper motor? DC motor? AC motor? Solenoid motor? How does this
compare to what is used in other pumps?

- What battery does the Paradigm use?

- Do you have any idea how the various insurance companies will deal with
the new pump? With current users request to upgrade to the new pump?

- You have announce a program to upgrade 508s purchased between now and the
end of the year. What is MiniMed's policy for upgrade/trade-in of older

- Can you comment on the sensitivity of the Paradigm having errors due to
static electricity compared to the 508? Compared to other pumps on the

- What will be the minimum programmable basal rate? What is the smallest
dose that is infused and how often?

- Will the pump information (delivery amounts/times/alarms/etc) be
downloadable? By the user? When will this capability be released? How about
the 508? Is this download capability going to be released to the users?

- You have announced that the Paradigm is waterproof and self-draining? Any
special seals or attachments or procedures in order to get this capability?
Is it waterproof with any tubing set? Any possibility of the type of
failures that have recently been announced for the HTRON?

- Will the Paradigm click?
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