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Re: [IP] hospitals and rude people

    I also had one of the scans that you spoke of.  At the time, I was in the 
hospital. The guy that came up to get me warned me that the procedure I was 
having done wasn't too bad but the girl that was doing it was in a bad mood 
and she doesn't have a steady hand to begin with. I thought, "Oh great, she's 
going to take her anger out on me!!"  So, when I got down stairs, she came in 
the room, looked at me and said, "Do you know what you're having done today?" 
I told her I did. She said, "Well, it's kind of painful" I thought, "what the 
hell"??  I said to her that if it was going to be painful I would pass. She 
told me that I couldn't. I said, "I want someone else in here that I can talk 
to" She told me there wasn't anyone else. I said, "Then I guess we're not 
going to do this" She started screaming at me, grabbed my arm and said to 
keep it right there. I stood up, which I wasn't supposed to be walking, and 
walked out of the room, grabbed the first doctor I saw, told him what had 
happened, and made sure he went in and talked to her. Of course she got fired 
almost immediately and I got a written apology from the head of the hospital. 
So, I didn't have to go through 15 pokes because after that happened, the 
doctor took care of me himself.  :o)~
In the military hospital where I was, they have a 4 poke rule. If they can't 
get you after 4 pokes, they grab a doctor. I think that's a great idea as 
long as the doctor knows what he doing!!!
I'm sorry you had to go through that.
I hope it NEVER happens again.
All my best, 
dx 10/1/81  (Florida)
Awaiting the arrival of my new pump, "Skippy"
Soon, very soon!!!!
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