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Re: [IP] is it an operation? Plus Basals

Using the pump does not require an operation.  It is just inserting a needle 
and then you pull the needle back out leaving only a small plastic tube in 
the site.  This is hooked to a tube that goes to the pump.  Most people 
change this site every few days.  If it required surgery it would not be very 
desiraable as you would be constantly going to the hospital.
Melanie discussed her basals as a new pumper.  Here is what we are 
experimenting with right now -- notice I said "experimenting"  we haven't 
found the "exact" formula nor do I believe one exists.
12 midnight - 3 am   .8    usually 150 - 200 at this time  (was running lower 
and required snacks but we reduced the late evening basal) He just began 
wearing braces and we sure don't want to have a snack and have to get up and 
brush teeth at this time!
3 am - 8:30 am      .7       - b/s generally 80- 130 in early morning hours
8:30 am - 10 am     .6     - this was just increased from .5 due to AM spikes 
and is working great!   Now running around 110 - 130 in midmorning to lunch
10 am - midnight    .5       - working pretty good -- puts pump in supsend 
during PM gym class -- has recently increased late PM activity so may need to 
either adjust or do another suspend - he's had several lows around 8 - 9 PM 
-- even though we have also reduced the dinner bolus.
Bolus less insulin for dinner IF I know he is going to play basketball or 
jump on tramp in PM.  Also, he will get 12 free carbs at bedtime on very 
active evenings.  
We try to avoid extra food due to weight concerns so it is better for us if 
he can reduce the amount of insulin he uses.  During an unexpected activity 
though,we do have to add the extra carbs/calories.  He has been using the 
pump for 2 months and after the first 5 wks. of pumping there was no weight 
change.  Now he is looking slimmer and his pants are starting to slide down!  
He needed to lose about 20 lbs so this would be fantastic. 
Singing the Happy Pumper song!
Susan (Grandmom to Cory - age 11)
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