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Re: [IP] MM Paradigm

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Sent: Saturday, March 17, 2001 5:19 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] MM Paradigm

> Well, Now I just read back to back the message from George in
Annapolis about
> what this new pmp wil and will not do and now Suzy is saying that
the rep
> told her at a support meeting the total OPPOSITE!!  So what is
anyone suppose
> to believe about this unit??  I mean if the company can't ensure
that their
> reps are all reading the same page then we, the consumer, or
> consumer, won't hae the faintest idea what this company is rally up
to.  I
> guess until this thing is out in the public nobody will know for
sure what it
> will and will not do because not even the MM employees really know
what is
> going on!!
> Sorry folks but this is really frustrating getting totally different
> from people who really should know what's what!!...
> Sylvia
> mom to Joshua
Sylvia and all,

As the saying goes in beta testing software: Those who know CAN NOT
say, those who say can not know. The pump is far from being released.
Nowhere in the released written information that I have seen is any
mention of what cartridges, infusion sets or motors given. Everyone
here is repeating rumors, guesses and incomplete statements. Most of
these stories I have heard are from D and A reps, especially about
motors. My two local MM reps do not know and the contact I have at the
Northridge research facility has politely told me she can not discuss
these pumps.

I received the same statement after I finished testing the Quick Set
infusion sets, about changes, release dates FDA approval, etc.

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