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[IP] hospitals and rude people

Yesterday I had to spend the whole day at the hospital for a ceretec scan (type of bone scan).  It took 4 people and 15 sticks to draw my blood and then to reinject it! 15! I am so bruised today.  I went to the hospital with a sugar of 148 after all the sticks it was 315.  That was with no food consumption except water. I guess I was more upset than I thought.  Then today I am at the gym.  I was getting ready to check my sugar in the locker room (as I always do) when this lady says to me "Can't you do that somewhere else like in the toilet stall?". She had the most disgusted look on her face.  Then we both wound up in the same room.  I was doing my abd crunches and she was lifting some free weights with her friend.  She says to her friend "what the he#$ is that noise?"  I don't think much of it.  I actually was trying to avoid her since I obviously disgusted her earlier.  She then moves closer to me and says it is me.  I told her what are you talking about.  "That clicky sound!
"  Well, obviously it must have been my MM508....I don't even hear it anymore.  I told her it must be my insulin pump and I couldn't believe she even noticed it.  She has sensitive ears (oh booooo hooooo).  I then told her I was sorry her life was so bad that she felt she had to be so hateful to people she didn't even know.  She looked at me like I was the rude one!!!!!!!.  My luck I'll run into her everytime I go workout.  I am purely amazed that she heard the couple of clicks...it is attached to me and I don't hear them.  I have never had anyone do that to me before.
Oh well, nothing you guys can do I just wanted to tell somebody....
dxd 87
pump 7/00

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