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My first pump I bought through an ad in the medical supply section of the
It was a Disetronic.  I did not have a prescription for it. The cost
included 2 years worth of supplies. It was Not illegal for him to sell it
nor was it illegal for me to buy it.
It falls in one of those gray areas of law. he owned it- he can sell it-
there is nothing to say he couldn't. Disetronic transferred the warranty to
me. No problems. I got wonderful service. The previous owner came over with
his wife and showed Jerry and me how to set it up. That was 5 years ago. It
Saved my life.
My doctor had no problems with this. He wrote out the basal rate he wanted
me to have and  off I went. I suggest when working with people with a used
pump to do it
privately and in private email or phone. I would do it all over again if I
had too.
My doctor gave me a prescription for the pump supplies once I had it. He was
pro pump but our insurance refused to pay for one with the policy we had at
that time. For the state of my health then (1995) we had to do it this way.
I was on high doses of prednisone- had ketones and very high BGs and I was
very sick. thankfully that ad was in the paper.
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