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[IP] MM Paradigm

After posting the article from The Diabetes Mall  website on the new MM 
Paradigm, I was able to find out the following information from their 
clinical help line and my local representative:

    * The new Paradigm WILL be able to use all existing infusion sets 
      presently available.
    * The Paradigm (like the 508, Disetronics and Animas pumps) will use 
      a proprietary cartridge/reservoir. 
    * The cartridge will hold 150 units of insulin and WILL be able to 
      use U-50,100 and 200 insulin.
    * MM is looking into the possibility of pre-filled cartridges, but 
      does NOT have any plans to discontinue offering user fillable 
      cartridges at this time.
    * The Paradigm will be smaller due to the cartridge size and the use 
      of one AAA battery.
    * It will continue to use a stepper motor versus the AC motor that 
      the Disetronics and Animas uses. This is a basic corporate design 
      policy on MM's part.  They feel very strongly that the stepper 
      motor offers more safety against over infusion than the AC motor. 
      Michael posted a very good description of the difference between 
      the two motor designs the other day.  Please refer to his posting 
      for clarification.
    * MM says that it will be more menu driven like the Animas.  It will 
      have a scroll forward and backward  key for the menu screens.
    * MM is very nebulous on the launch date.  They will not confirm if 
      that's due to manufacturing capacity or due to receipt of FDA 
I hope this helps clarify some of the questions that we've all had.

Annapolis, MD
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