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[IP] Re: surgery

With 'run down' and hg's are you sure that you don't
have an infection?  The last time I did get infected
and had to go back in get it taken care of.  This
time I was given 500mg levaquin (at $10/pill that
insurance wouldn't cover).  I also think that
generally (YMMV) being in the hospital will run me
down anyway.

Can someone tell me why hospitals, doctors, nurses,
etc. don't seem to be able to figure out dm'ers.  It
has been impossible to get meal carbs.  I asked 3
times before admittance so that I would have the
grams and when I didn't have it all they could do
was guess at what they were. For lows they don't
have a simple tube of gluco tabs, even though I
didn't need one this time and brought my own
anyway.  They give the intravenous with dextrose
without informing.  When they first hooked me up I
asked, and was told that it did not have dextrose.
The surgeon changed to dextrose and my sugars went
over 300 before I looked at the bag.  The nurse said
that it only gives 40 drips/hour - I only get 20
drips/hour with my Dis.  I have been in the hospital
4 times since November and it seems that they just
don't get it.  I won't believe that they don't care.

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You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.
 - Wayne Gretsky
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