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 Subject: [IP] FAA

 Does anyone have any experience dealing with the FAA and getting a special
 issuance medical certificate?  IDDM is a disqualifying condition, and I lost
 my medical after I was diagnosed as a type I about 4 months ago. I have been
 pumping for 1 week, and everything is going much better than on MDI.  I joke
 with my children that I am now a cyborg.  My assimilation date was 3/6/01.

 Steve McNabb

Dear Steve:

My name is Terry Claussen and I once was an airline pilot.  From 1994 through 1997, I was in control with oral meds, with a Class I medical certificate allowing me to continue flying.  Once I began injections, only a class 3 medical certificate is available.  

The C3 allows private pilot priveledges, meaning no compensation.  A loop-hole exists for flight instructors to receive compensation for flying, allowing me to continue to fly occasionally.  Any pumpers want to learn to fly?

In order to receive a "special issuance certificate" or waivier, one must remain in control for 6 months and follow the testing regimen described above.  Control is defined as no hypos requiring assistance.  Also, additional tests may be required for re-issuance by the FAA.  Last fall I was required to perform a stress test to 100% heart rate.  The cardiologist thought it was nuts to test a 39 year old with no heart problems, but the FAA said do it.

After submiting the intial request, you will receive a special issuance medical along with a letter from the FAA detailing the test requirements and restrictions.  This initial letter may take a long time to recieve.  Subsequent approvals are granted by local FAA flight surgeons if there are no other problems.

I used the union medical shop to process my first application.  If that is available to you, I would recommend it.

Now if we could get Class 2 and 1 authorized, I would no longer be underemployed.  Good luck.

Terry Claussen

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