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[IP] Re: Animas pump

My 6 yo son has been on the Animas since mid- December.  He was on the MM
507c for 2.5 yrs before that.

I looked at the Animas because it was water proof -- and was it great in
Hawaii, I never had to worry about the pump, where to put it etc. and his
bgs were great.  Most important he loved (loves) the fact that he can jump
in the water, bury himself in the sand and basically not have to think about
the pump (he loves to keep it in the bubble bath etc. ).

At first I thought the menu driving program might be a little hard to catch
on to but it has been wonderful, Malcolm has no problem giving himself a
bolus and you have to change programs in order for the basals to be changed
which is a great feature (on several occasions thinking that he was getting
a bolus his basal was done instead!).

I also love the way the temp basal works -- it goes up or down by
percentages and therefore changes the amounts based on the preset basals --
so if at 10am his basal is .4 the rate would increase by 10% and then if his
rate goes up to .55 at 1pm it would increase that rate by 10% without me
going in and setting a different rate (hope this makes sense) I have found
this to be a wonderful thing when I need to evaluate his basals -- like last
night I set the temp +10% between 10:30pm and 1:30am as his bg been
ratcheting up and I want to see how much to increase his basals at that

I also use different programs for school and active days and week
end/nintendo days, this has been a super way to keep him even.

The way the pump delivers the insulin is different -- every three minutes --
compared to MM and so it took some time to get him set with the basals.

There have been some problems with the pump and Animas has been great about
switching it out for us, we were getting lots of alarms etc. and I think
that we got a "lemon" but now all is great and for Malcolm it provides some
features and lifestyle capabilities that have been great for him --

Hope that this long list has helped!  Barbi Lazarow
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