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[IP] RE: H-tron Problem

In a message dated 3/16/2001 1:10:58 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> talk to the disetronic rep directly about this, I read the website stuff 
>  twice and didn't see anything warrenty but maybe i missed it.

What I read in the FAQ for the H-tron problem last night and what I read this 
morning were phrased very differently . . . What I read last night explicitly 
spoke about continuing to use the H-tron is the water (pool, bath, whatever) 
woudl void the warranty . . . 

Now the wording is more oblique -- but I believe it still boils down to the 
reality that use in the water will void the warranty . . . The FAQ page has 
the following Q&A:
"Question:  Have the terms of the warranty changed in any way?
Answer: No. However Disetronic's warranty "is valid only if the Disetronic 
insulin pump is used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions." 

Then if you go to the page that outline changes in manufacturer's 
instructions (revisions to the H-tron reference manual) , you find the 


9.2 Do Not Use the Pump in Water

Do not use your insulin pump when showering, bathing or swimming. 

Warning! Avoid any contact of the pump with water. Water entering the pump 
may result in a malfunction which could cause severe hypoglycemia (low blood 

SO -- again, assuming I'm reading this right (and I really hope I'm wrong) -- 
since the manufacturer's instructions now tell you NOT to use your H-tron in 
water, any pumper who chooses to do so from this point on is risking voiding 
the warranty . . .

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