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[IP] Re: How long do you keep insulin in your pump?

Scott asked:
>I was just wondering how much insulin you fill your pumps with and how 
>long you you that insulin?  I have been changing my insulin cartridge 
>every other day when I change out my infusion set.  I have heard that you 
>can use the insulin longer.  Please let me know.

I fill my cartridge with 300 units (3 ml) and refill my cartridge weekly. 
(I use about 35 units per day, so the cartridge still has about 50 units 
left when I refill it.) I change my cartridge monthly, after the initial 
fill and 3 refills. (Thus, one box of 24 reservoirs will last me 2 years.) 
All the insulin in the cartridge at the end of the week is mixed with 
insulin from the bottle when I refill. I only discard insulin when I change 
the cartridge.

My doses are very consistent. I have noticed NO change in insulin potency 
at the end of the month, much less the end of the week.

Insulin is about as well protected in the cartridge as it is in the bottle 
and insulin is *very* stable in a bottle at room temperature, lasting many 
many months.

Of course, as always, YMMV.

regards, Andy
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