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> i got my first no delivery alarm and was a little freaked out.....LOL  my
> question is how do i know how much i got?

Unfortunately the answer is you don't know how much was delivered. In the
case of the MM 508 you can look at the bolus history and last entry is how
much the pump tried to deliver. You can be assured that no more than that
amount was delivered but there could have been less.

The first time I had this happen I had bolused for 10 units and the pump
alarmed after 3.7 units. After clearing the alarm I disconnected at the
quick connect and confirmed that everything worked up to that point. I then
reconnect and rebolused and got a second alarm this time after 3.5 units.
>From that I concluded that my site/canula was probably completely plugged
and that little or no insulin was delivered. After changing sites I split
the difference and bolused for 8.5 units. My BG was a bit high later that
night but it could have been for a number of reasons.
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