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[IP] Re: Animas Pump

I have been on the Animas pump for a little over 7 months now and here is 
what i have found.  The people at Animas are great, they did a great job at 
training me to use the pump.  I am a college student and use and abuse my 
pump to the max.  I swim with it once or twice a week.  I play football, 
basketball, and every other sport with is on. I love how tough it is, i have 
jumped off the top off my bunk bed and had the pump hit the ground a ton of 
times and no problems.  The pump is made out of the same stuff as football 
helmets so it takes a lick'n and keeps on tick'n.  I wear my pump in my sock 
when i am in mesh shorts so i love how thin the pump is.  The menu driven 
screen is so easy to use.  It has an option that lets you keep the screen on 
long or a short time (after the 1st two or three days on the pump i have 
only used the short time - which saves a ton of power.)  I have only had to 
change the batteries in the pump 3 times, and the batteries are a common 
size that you can buy anywhere.  The screen also lights up so it is easy to 
use even in dark areas.  Some people think that you can't do all of the 
bolus options you can with the MM pumps, but you can!  The pump does make 
you hit a few more buttons to do things but that is because it is all menu 
driven so you do not have to learn or remember anything.  The cart. for the 
insulin goes in the bottom of the pump and opens in such a way that it will 
not fly open just because you drop it on the floor.  I love that I can 
change the color of my pump when ever i fell like it (i have silver, blue, 
yellow, red, purple, white, green, orange...)  It can do an audio bolus, 
normal bolus, extended bolus, and any combination to make it do what ever 
you want.  The history option tells me how much insulin i have used a day 
for the last 4 days plus the day i am on.  It will tell me my past 12 
boluses. It has a ton of basal options, 4 different programs with a ton of 
changes during each of those.  It has a temp basal.  You can use it in 
English or Spanish.  Well this is getting long so i will shut up.  I have 
lots of other good points to the pump, let me know if you want to hear more.

K. Neth (19 year old college student- 10 years D)
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