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Re: [IP] Rollercoaster Frustration and Pumping during Labor..

In a message dated 3/16/01 2:06:53 PM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> And now since I am "between endos", I'm getting worried about my pump.  
> Who's going to write
> instructions for me so that the nurses dont't try to take my pump away when 
> I go into labor?  What
> if they try to take my pump away and put me on a glucose drip or something? 
>  What if I have a hypo
> during labor?
> I'm tired, sweaty, and worried now

Sorry you're having such a hard day with the blood sugar.  Some days......
Have you talked to your ob about keeping your pump during labor and delivery? 
 He should know and be expecting you to do this ahead of time.  He can help 
with them leaving your pump alone.
I hope you will be able to see some endo before then so that endo can be 
involved but talk about your concerns and worries about labor and delivery 
blood sugar ahead of labor and delivery.
You don't want to be in labor and yelling and yanking your pump back out of 
the hands of some over zealous uninformed nurse....

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