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[IP] Re: HTRON Problem

Our area rep emailed us about this the other day and Disetronic
will be sending out letters about this next week. We use the
HTRON Plus V100 (15mos now) and have had no problems with it.
We'll continue to use it in water (carefully inspecting it
first.) Our rep said that she, too, will continue to use her
HTRON in water. The number of reported problems is apparently
quite small, considering the number of pumps and users out
there...only 5 cases here in the US and 5 cases in the UK
according to the stats given by the rep (which came from the
company.) It *seems* that much of the problem *could* be due to
user error - not periodically checking the casing, tightening the
batteries too tight, not inspecting the O rings periodically,
etc. I think if we do these things like we are supposed to the
pump will be fine. 

On the website, Disetronic did say that they've not been able to
duplicate the reported problems. I hope no one gets alarmist
about this. It is a very good and reliable pump. 

Here is a quote from my rep's email:
Last year, Disetronic shipped out over 100,000 H-Tron pumps
worldwide to over 50,000 patients.  Out of these pumps and
additional pumps shipped over the previous years, there have been
10 reported cases of the H-Tron pump malfunctioning due to water
getting into the pump.  5 of these cases were reported in Europe
and 5 in the United States.  In some of these cases the water
caused the pump to over deliver and caused the patient to have a
hypoglycemic reaction.  In each case there was a crack in the
pump either at the #3 battery area or between the buttons.  This
can happen when patients screw in their batteries too tightly. 
However, no one can confirm 
whether these cracks were due to how the patients treated their
pumps or due to manufacturing errors. 

Here is the link to Disetronic's info:

Take care, Kerri and the fashionably late little guy (due 3/10) 
"There is a special magic and holiness about the girl and woman.
They are the bringers of life to the people, and the teachers of
the little children." - Sweet Medicine, Cheyenne
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