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Re: [IP] is it an operation?

No. Not like an operation. Many are told to discontinue their long acting NPH
insulin the day before at night, and start on the pump in the morning.

You basals and all will be figured out rudimentarily and from these start-up
settings and many bg tests you will make small adjustments.

Not an IV, but to start on the pump, you place a set with its' needle into
your abs or whatever has some 'cusioning' and take the intro needle out
leaving only a plastic 'tube' inside your tissue. This is changed
regularly....Usually every three days.

Soon there will be a more permanent system called the Diaport from Disetronic
which will need a minor surgery as it will go directly into the Portal
circulation...but this isn't for a few years yet, 'til they get human trials
and such out of the way.

Visit the IP website to FAQ' and sites, etc...it will tell you much more.
Jenny Sutherland
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  From: email @ redacted
  when starting on the pump is it an operation or is it just  like putting in
  an iv?
  i know when they switched my insulin to different doses and different times
  i still take the needle) i had to go to the hospital for a stay, is that
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