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Re: [IP] Animas Pump

Hello All,

I have been using the Animas R1000 for a little over a month now. This is
my first pump so I cannot compare it to any others. I had the chance to
play with all of the other pumps at my endo's office when I made the
decision to go to pump therapy. What I liked about the Animas was first
and foremost is that it is waterproof. Its footprint is bigger than the
MM, and shaped differently than the D-Tron. I liked the size and the menu
system as well. The menu seemed logical, although you do have to press 
alot of keys to get where you want to go. 

As far as features go, I think that the audio bolus is a great feature but
you cannot use an extended bolus when you have the audio bolus feature
on. This would be my only complaint. Animas' customer service is great, I
have broken two belt clips so far, and each time I call they appolgize
profusely and send me out a new clip overnight. I love my Animas pump and
would recommend it to almost anyone. The would imagine that the  menu
system could be confusing, but at the same time it think it is a safety
feature as well. ( I have woken up at night on top of my pump...) Just
remember that any pump is better than no pump. They are all great, some
just have features that appeal to different people.

Have a great day,

Type I since 1997. Pumping since 02/01
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