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[IP] question about breakfast foods

Hi Sharon,
Maybe those on limited protein diets have different guidelines, but I avoid
fast acting carb, especially first thing in the morning.  My insulin
requirement is higher then, and I don't think that's uncommon.  I avoid
instant oatmeal and most cereals.  They both tend to cause a rapid rise in
bg.  I can't even imagine oj on cereal, even if i was low!  I always try to
pick more complex carbs, rather than highly processed and simple sugars.  My
favorite breakfast lately is Fiber One cereal. The cereal is tasty and of
the 24 g of carb, 14 are fiber!  Nice with berries.  I guess you'd have to
skip the milk :(  How about whole-grain waffles, english muffins, bread,
etc.?  Nutrigrain bars are not too bad (although fast-acting carb) and easy
to count.  That was my typical breakfast in college.
:) Colleen
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