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Re: [IP] Animas Pump

I began using the Animas 1000 about 1 month ago, formerly using the MiniMed 507 for 4 1/2 years.  Here are the differences I've noticed:

Although slimmer than the MM507, the Animas has a larger footprint.  I prefer the smaller footprint (even being thicker) of the MM than the Animas.

The display of the Animas is much harder to read.  Animas has incorporated functionality in an effort to conserve power.  However, I find that I constantly have to turn on the light to be able to read the display.  This counters all power saving efforts that Animas has attempted.  I found I needed to change batteries after 1 month of use vs. 2 months with the MM.  And the battery alarm was very unforgiving.  I may not have been aware of its proper usage, but I was given no buffer time to replace the batteries.

The MM (507C and greater) allows for both audible and split wave boluses, the Animas only gives you a choice of one or the other (a power saving feature).  I liked the idea of having both.

The MM takes fewer keystrokes, the Animas requires many more (I have heard this may change with the next version).

The Animas seems to be a sturdier unit - although my MM went through 4 1/2 years of abuse before only the display went bad.

The Animas seems to have a better motor - but I can't verify this at this early point in time.

The Animas also seems to be able to store and re-display historical information better.  But this may be only attributable to understanding where the information is stored.

The insulin reservoirs of the MM are easier to fill and use, and also seem to hold more insulin.  Filling and installing the reservoirs for the Animas is more difficult and cannot be "eyeballed" to see the remaining amount.  Instead, the Animas displays the number of units on its display panel (a decent feature).

Overall, I like the sturdiness and motor strength of the Animas, but am having a hard time making the change from the MM.  I temporarily went back to the MM for a day and felt more comfortable with its ease of use, smaller footprint and familiarity of functionality.

Hope this helps.


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>I am looking at pumps.  Any comparisons for Minimed vs
>Animas?  The Animas appears to be easier to use and
>quieter than the Minimed.  Is there something I am
>missing? (other than the fact Minimed has been around
>for ever) 
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