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Re: [IP] Warning for Disetronic HTron users

Maybe it's the way I interpret the instructions. At the 82 error (two
weeks), the instructions say to call Disetronic to find out how to send it
in for inspection. I didn't do that because they printed the instructions in
their newsletter. It doesn't say to send it in then. The error 09 is
Technical Inspection Due. This error's instructions tell you to change to
the other pump.

If the error 09 had gone off at noon like the previous 8x errors, there
would not have been a problem. I had been expecting this and waiting to eat
lunch al little later in anticipation of this. It was the weird timing that
ruined my plans.

Laura Lillie

Actually, technical service doesn't mind if you send it in a bit early. I've
sent mine in on the 8.4 warning and allowing for time in the mail and all, it
actually was done and back in my hand in two weeks.

Don't wait so long next time girl! <G> They won't mind you sending it in a bit
early...Just call and tell them you're doing so and get it done.

I find with diabetes and all it's crud we have to stay one step ahead.

Jenny Sutherland
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