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[IP] Rollercoaster Frustration and Pumping during Labor..

Hi Sherry, 
	It's possible that you corrected a high when you were not really
high.  I have had the same thing happen, and wondered if my meter was off on
the high reading.  You might consider checking the accuracy of your meter w/
the control solution, but I think even if it's within the control limits you
can get an occasional wacky result.  I always notice and retest when it
reads that i'm low and don't feel low, but if it reads 150-250, i don't
retest even if i feel fine.  
	Re not having an endo, i wouldn't be comfortable going through a
pregnancy & delivery w/o one.  Can you find one?  In the meantime, you can
write your own hospital instructions.  There's a guide on the IP website,
and you'll get tons of great advice here.  Do you have a loved one who can
be with you the whole time you're in labor?  With some instruction they can
help avoid some of the things you're worried about. Depending on where you
live, you may be able to get one of us to help.
	Try not to worry.  The pump is great, but diabetes is still
unpredictable no matter how hard you work at it.
Good luck.
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