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[IP] waterproof h-tron

Hello fellow pumpers,

I have been on the H-tron for 4 weeks now and have been reading all of your
information and postings.  Sucking in the information you give so greatly
like a sponge.  So thanks!

This is my actual first posting.  I just wanted to express that I read the
waterproof reporting with the H-tron with much concern also.  I felt
betrayed.  I love my pump, but am an avid swimmer and watersports gal and
picked this pump due to its waterproof capabilities.  I just received it 4
weeks ago and therefore, feel that they probably knew about their concerns
before I ever received my pump.

Now with that said, I want you to know that I called my rep last night at
10:00pm.  He called me back this morning at 8:00am and answered all my
questions.  He too feels that it is just a precaution, but did state to me
that since they are saying to not put it in the water and if you do and
something happens you DO violate the warranty.  This is my concern.

We discussed my various options, especially since I just received it.  I
have a call into disetronic now regarding what my options are.  Whether I
can switch to a D-tron or not.  I am very happy with the company and their
response to my concerns.  I feel that I could probably use my h-tron in the
water and have no problems,  BUT my concern is with the warranty coverage.

Anyway,  will keep you all posted on what the company does for me.  I feel
like they do owe me a waterproof pump as that is what I bought and if that
means the D-tron,  then so be it!

Teri Chalker
Insulin Dep. 18 years-pumping 4 weeks
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