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[IP] IP] Re: [IPn] Important safety information H-TRON or H-TRONplus used in water

Richard wrote:

>>The cases crack due to users overtightening the battery caps.  The case on
my Plus broke after I overtightened it for more than two years.  The caps
need to be tightened only til the cap is JUST below the rim of the case.  I
tighten a little, then test it by running my fingernail to the edge of the
cap.  I tighten only until the rim just stops my fingernail.  Then I stop
tightening it.<<

I received a letter from disetronic about overtightening the battery caps
and causing cracks quite some time ago.  They also recommended that you use
the little tool to tighten the caps and not a coin as I have seem some
people do.  They also recommend checking the battery housing everytime you
change the batteries to insure that you have no cracks there.

As far as swimming with my pump, I no longer do that since it makes me go
low and it has nothing to do with water leaking into the housing or the pump
malfunctioning, it's because when I swim I burn up more calories and blood
sugar and don't need to wear my pump while swimming.  I also have been known
to set my basal to 0 when doing other exercises to keep from going low.  I
also think it's wise to note, that disetronic has done tests on the H-Trons
and even when water leaked into the housing they could not duplicate the
reported overboluses of insulin.

RoseLea (proud and happy owner of 2 Disetronic H-Tron Plus pumps)
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